A raid manager web app for GMT Bomber Command boardgame.

Also available: Nightfighter Virtual Umpire

Scenario Setup

RAF C1 Roundel

[3.1] Select Scenario: (13) (5) †

[3.2] Place units and map markers

[3.6] Strip Flak - Downfall scenario only

[3.7] Prepare card decks and player hands

Session data:

Download the VRM Sequence of Play

† Numbers in parentheses are the total plot files currently available for each scenario. A plot file is randomly selected when the "Begin" button is clicked. If you wish to contribute raid plots for inclusion on this site, please contact the author via geekmail (BGG rdmorss).

The RAF player in GMT Bomber Command has little to do in the game once the raid plots have been created. His main function is to reveal the state of his raids in response to Luftwaffe air defense activities.

The purpose of this website is to facilitate solo play of GMT Bomber Command by keeping track of RAF raid plots loaded from a randomly-selected text file. Everything else – card play, nightfighter activity, and main force bombing – takes place on the tabletop with map, counters, cards, charts, and dice. The player submits intel queries to BCVRM on a need-to-know basis, avoiding exact raid intel until required by game play.

The only optional rule in use is 12.1 Bad Weather. In bad weather, the plot file specifies the Visibility and each zone's weather. In good weather, they are randomly determined by BCVRM. The turn of Twilight is always random (modified for deep raids).

BCVRM is best viewed on a desktop monitor, laptop/netbook, or tablet, so that the Situation panel width is fully displayed and the Request and Response panels are side by side. It will run on a smaller display, but the page layout is sub-optimal.

BCVRM written by Robert Morss (BGG rdmorss)
05 Nov 2017: project inception
12 Nov 2017: Berlin scenario coded
28 Nov 2017: Downfall scenario code modifications
10 Dec 2017: BCVRM Sequence of Play uploaded
8 Aug 2020: latest version