Air War Cardboard Flight Simulator

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This utility is a PHP script that incorporates the Aircraft Performance Charts of the SPI Air War game, in an attempt to expedite play. To use this script, you will need the rules, hex maps, and aircraft counters from the game.

This is strictly a solo flight sim that allows you to test fly the listed aircraft as depicted in the game.

Click through the four steps of the utility each turn. In Step 4, move your aircraft on the map and provide the indicated information. It is up to you to comply with the rules of movement and turning.

Sequence of Play

  1. Acceleration by Power: Adjust engine power and specify bank angle for the next three steps.
  2. Attitude Selection: Dive I-II-II, Level, Climb I-II-III
  3. Flight Parameters for the selected attitude.
  4. Movement: move the aircraft counter on the map, expending movement points per rules sections 8 and 9.

Flight constraints (items in red are changes to RAW).

  • Must bank right to turn right.
  • Must bank left to turn left.
  • Must be inverted to Dive II or Dive III. (135° or 180° roll)
  • Must be upright to Climb II or Climb III. (0° or 45° roll)
  • Dive I and Climb I allowed at any bank angle.
  • Must be unbanked to perform lateral rudder roll.
  • Induced drag allows an optional -1 MP during movement under the conditions of [8.54] (instead of -1 Movement Allowance).
  • Induced drag is prohibited in Dive II or III.
  • Banking is allowed only in Step 1 of the program.

Rules not included in this version

  • No maneuvers.
  • No loss of controlled flight.
  • Altitude limits not enforced.
  • No missles or gunnery.
The author of this script is Robert Morss (BGG rdmorss). Geekmail me if there is an aircraft in the game that you would like to see included here. Also please report any script errors that you encounter.

10 April 2018 - alpha version for test flights
23 March 2018 - script inception